Sunday, Nov 28 2021
USAFE Library Headlines

Need a library account?

For customers assigned to a USAFE Base or Geographically Separated Unit (GSU): If you do not have a library account, please fill out this form using the Sponsor's information and official email address. Include information for dependents over the age of 10 in the Family Member section. Please include a commercial email address for either the sponsor or an adult dependent.

For TDY me... [read more]

How to access the Libraries Online Library
Click on the e-library tab and select access using your library card. Enter your library card number and scroll down to the appropriate database. Follow the directions in the database description on how to access, some require a code, others require an account registration. If you have any issues, please contact your local library.

Hold requests from other USAFE Libraries

Until further notice, the USAFELibraries are unable to fulfill ILL requests from other locations. Customers will be limited to requests of their local library materials only. Please contact your local library with any questions.

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