Saturday, Mar 02 2024

How do I...?

Get a library card if I am at or near a USAFE base?
Click "Your Library" on the menu bar tab to see which installations have base libraries, their locations, phone numbers, hours of operation and other general information. Stop by the library and register. Feel free to complete and print a library registration form in advance and take it with you. You can find this form at "Downloadable Documents" under "Quick Links". At the time of registration, you'll need to present a CAC card or other valid ID for verification of eligibility.

Get a library card if I am at a GSU/remote/deployed location?
To obtain a limited-use* library card providing access to our electronic resources (databases, eBooks, etc.) click here to fill out and submit a library registration form. Your form is transmitted electronically to us where it is reviewed for accuracy and eligibility. Assuming you are eligible, you will be provided a library card account number by email and can begin using it immediately.

Borrow materials from a USAFE library other than the one where I'm registered?
If you are a registered USAFE user with a card or account number, go to the "Find Books, Movies and More" to search for the book/item you want. First, make sure your library doesn't have it on the shelf. Then, if your library doesn't have it, you can request that it be delivered to your library. Once you've identified the item you want, click the "Request Item" or "Request Copy", and complete the steps that follow, logging in with your card/account number. Your library will call or email you when the item is ready to be picked up.

Get materials that USAFE libraries don't have?
USAFE libraries participate in an interlibrary loan program and borrow and lend materials to libraries around the world. This is a service we offer at no cost. Talk to a staff member to find out more. Realize it may take a few weeks to get the item from overseas if it isn't available here in Europe.

Find out when USAFE libraries are open?
Click on the name of your local library from the drop down menu "Your Local Library". All libraries list their hours and days open as well as their phone numbers and building numbers.

Borrow DVDs or other audio-visual materials from other libraries?
Most times, we are unable to offer this service. However, if this is an item you require for research or a college/university class, please talk to a library staff member.