Thursday, Jun 08 2023

GSU Branch Libraries

GSU Branch Libraries have paid staff, are open regular hours and although their collections are small, they offer many of the same materials and services found in larger base libraries. These include popular adult fiction and nonfiction, children's book collections, DVDs, CDs, videos, audio books, and computers with office applications and internet access. Online databases are also provided for use by our remote patrons in the library, the office and at home.

Branch libraries operate in the following locations:

Location Phone Numbers
Ankara 672-8140
Buechel 456-5210
Geilenkirchen 02451-63-4959
Ghedi 632-3555
Izmir 675-6814
Kleine Brogel 358-9439
Moron 722-8024/8172
Stavanger 224-0581
Volkel 359-5800